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What is a Chino French Press & How to use it
Chino Product / Blog / What is a Chino French Press & How to use it

The word ‘French Press’ can sound a little daunting to those who have no real clue on what it’s purpose is. However, we genuinely believe it’s the best and most correct way to get a lovely fresh cup of Chino Filter each morning! So let’s crack down on the details, a Chino French press coffee is basically a method of brewing coffee that uses a specific device called the ‘French Press’. It plunges the water down to the coffee grounds, filtering out the brewed coffee grounds and leaving you with an amazing hot cup of Chino Instant. It basically brews, strains and pours all in once!

After the coffee is brewed, you press the Chino ground coffee beans to the bottom of the beaker with a fine mesh strainer, which leaves you a strong, bold, beautiful coffee.

You can find our Chino French Press machine exclusively on our online website at a fantastic price! If you’re looking for something a little more flavorsome, try our Chino Praline flavored Filter coffee which will leave your taste buds tingling with praline!

To round up, all you need to do is add the grounds to the strainer compartment and make sure it’s screwed on properly. Add your boiling hot water for an extra hot cup, and push the filter down to the bottom. Bing bang boom, your Chino Filter coffee is brewed!

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Portable French Press Coffee Maker

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