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What Does Your Coffee Say About You?
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Which type of coffee personality are you?

Here at Chino we don’t like to stereotype people on how they drink their coffee, but today we will because we’re just feeling judgmental…you know, like those supervisors called Karen. After a good old psychological wash down mixed with some elements of truth, we have managed to attach people’s personalities alongside the coffee they drink daily.

Let’s get started then and see which category you fall under:

Sweet & Light:
 If you like your coffee sweet and not drowned in depression, you are a gentle and friendly character. You tend to care for others around you and will always go out of your way to make them happy. Constantly smiley and happy go lucky, people love you…apart from that one idiot at work nobody can stand. Usually her name is Karen and is a supervisor (FYI).

Black Coffee no Sugar :
People who drink black coffee have strong personalities and calculate their step before going ahead with it. Wise human beings yet sophisticated, and if anything…serious. Nowhere near the Sweet & Light character, you’re more likely to be an accountant or a Lawyer…you know, someone who deals with a lot of s**t.

Full Milk/Cream:

You are one of those persons who has roughly 10 takeaways a day, still smiling but deep down wants to smash up the joint. You’re a hard worker who could spend over 10 hours a day working, and ordering this is your happy place.  You’re not exactly rational, but are more of a creative thinker than a logical one. Big dreamer, loves to lead and hates to follow.

 You do weird things like sip your coffee when it’s too hot and  constantly burns your tongue. However being the masochist that you are, you’ll sip it again and deal with the consequences later. You’re a relaxed being, all in your own pace. Sugar makes the day easier…you enjoy the taste of coffee which helps you work as you burn your tongue along the way. A strange individual but a good hearted one.

Share this with your friends, and let’s see how well you know them!

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