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The origins of a great Coffee in Cyprus
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Chino Coffee has been a household name for many years in Cyprus and is enjoyed by coffee lovers of all ages throughout the year.  Here is the Chino story of how an outstanding coffee made it to Cyprus.

The birth of a new Coffee concept

Chino is a great idea for coffeeIn the late 1990s the paths of two successful international business people crossed. Both coming from a beverage retail background, they started exchanging ideas and quickly felt that something new was missing in the beverage industry. Many coffees later, it became apparent that the concept of an innovative, internationally branded, iced coffee product, would be an exciting project to fill a gap in the market.

It took several years of research and planning to fine-tune the coffee project that had then to go for a reality check on a before it was launched in a test market to assess if the idea could be successful.

Cyprus was identified as the ideal test market; an island in the Eastern Mediterranean at the crossroads of different cultures, acting as a hub between Europe and the Middle East.

As Cyprus also enjoys a lively tourist trade, multinational values could be researched and added to the market study.

The Chino success in Cyprus 

Chino coffee chill out in CyprusIn 2001 the Chino brand was introduced to Cyprus which is the result of an innovative idea being brought to realization.

The Chino Team started in Cyprus with a few Chino coffee machines. People were initially quite resistant to the product and concept in the beginning, as the Cypriots were used to drinking frappe and Ice coffee was something new to them.  With persistence and persuasion, Chino managed to place machines in select locations such as well known coffee shops in popular places. Before long, the demand for Chino grew significantly as the new taste and concept was accepted.

More Chino coffee machines were brought in and the Chino products were placed in more retail locations such as kiosks, bakeries, swimming pools etc. This stimulated the demand even further for this now very popular coffee in Cyprus.

The Chino brand rewrote the story of cold beverages in Cyprus as an alternative to the most popular fizzy drinks, juices and energy drinks.

Today Chino has expanded the range of products and is a global success offering much more than a simple beverage but the expression of a Mediterranean lifestyle

Stay tuned, this is not the end, Chino is reinventing itself again and is getting ready to introduce another brand new coffee concept to Cyprus very soon.

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The Chino Values – we live by them

chino coffee product logoAt Chino we are committed to innovation and perfection in everything that we do. We cultivate team spirit through an atmosphere of passion and a strong belief in the quality of living and enjoyment of life.

Chino Coffee products and accessories are manufactured using premium raw materials in state of the art facilities adhering to the strictest quality and health standards.

At Chino we are as dedicated to our people and clients as much as we are to our products. We are always working towards translating our lifestyle into modern and personalized company values.

Chino will always be accessible to everyone, not just for large chains or selected clients and our priority remains to answer the needs of the local market before anything else.

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