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The Italian Revolution & Caffe Florian
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The Italian Revolution & Caffe Florian.

Over 300 hundred years later, one of the oldest coffee shops in Europe and if anything of the the longest standing services in the world goes by the name Caffe Florian. Located smack bang in the heart of illustrious Venice and situated to the left of the Piazza San Marco, Caffe Florian opened its doors in 1720 and continues to brew coffee for all the city of Venice, all italian visitors and the majority of international tourists! That’s pretty impressive!

Now it’s no myth that ordering a simple Espresso in Venice could potentially cost you a minimum of 5 euros, but some critics argue you’re paying for hudrends of years of tradition and hardmanship! Let’s not forget this Cafe has survived constant floods over the past centuries. Caffee Florian prides itself in both history and brewing techniques that have been passed down for a very long time through it’s Venetian ancestors. Flying through the golden years of Caffe Florian, the Italians finally introduced the first steam-pressure coffee machine which sparked a worldwide caffeine revolution within Europe, spreading quickly to other continents such as Asia and the far West.

The Caffeine Revolution:

Brewing coffee was now different, a new innovated technique created by the Italian race which led Caffee Florian to be the center of attention. Moving to the year 1884, the city of Torino went on to introduce the first Espresso machine which was later altered in Milan just 17 years later, leading to coffee machines being distributed worldwide.

And finally! The year 1933 saw a new creation appear. The Moka pot was created by an Italian engineer named Alfonso Bialetti which is now an iconic symbol in most Italian households. The moka pot is a stove-top or electric coffee maker that brews coffee by passing boiling water pressurized by steam through ground coffee! You can find them ususally at any stores these days, or visit your local supermarket…you may even find one there!

If you do get hold of one, make sure you give our ground espresso a try!

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