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The Digital Age – Coffee Cryptocurrency
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Bitcoin could be the new payment method

Did you have the slightest of clues that over 450 million cups of coffee are drank every single day in the US? Yes, talk about anal spasms and dodgy stomachs! Now to make these spasms even more common on a daily basis, cryptocurrencies are looking likely to be introduced as a new method of payment for YOUR morning coffee! This means that in short-term future, the actual utopian dream of buying your morning cup of coffee with Bitcoin could be dawning upon us all.

Now how does this whole shlam shlam even work? It’s about the political opportunity of having a true global currency, free from government control that is directly used for your morning/afternoon coffee. But for us to get there and truly obtain that social power, we must be able to buy coffee (and every other daily item for that matter) with cryptocurrency.

As the days of cash are becoming numbered, we’re looking down a long dark digital road. we may find ourselves in a cashless society, just like Sweden, South Korea, and China. It’s even said that Starbucks in China are working on a coffee Cryptocurrency credit card! Wowzah!

You know what, I’ll think I’ll just stick with cash.


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