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The Best Espresso in Cyprus
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chino best espresso coffee in cyprus

If you live in Cyprus; whether in the city, next to the blue Mediterranean, or in the countryside surrounded by olive trees, you can always count on Chino to bring you the finest quality coffees. Why not wake up every day to the smooth, aromatic experience of our very own Espresso Dark Roast. You don’t even have to leave home to get it: order now from Chino Online Store.


Did you know that 1st October is Coffee Day? 

October 1st is coffee day in Cyprus
October 1 is Coffee Day

While Cyprus is celebrating Independence Day on the first of October every year, people all over the world are celebrating International Coffee Day. October 1st was first designated as International Coffee Day in Milan in 2015 by the ICO – International Coffee Organisation, but the first recorded dedicated coffee celebrations took place in Japan as early as 1983. Events are held around the world to raise awareness about coffee and the role of farmers, growers, pickers, roasters, baristas and coffee shop owners: people whose combined efforts bring us coffee as we know it, from the bean to the cup. For coffee lovers everywhere, it’s an opportunity to celebrate a global passion and one growing trend is for coffee shops to give away free coffees and treats and offer coffee tastings on October 1st. There are coffee clubs, coffee tasting seminars and other coffee related events. We look forward to the trend spreading to Cyprus in the years to come!


Espresso or Expresso, which is it?

espresso Coffee or expresso coffee
Espresso not Expresso

Espresso is actually the correct term but not everyone is comfortable with it. The word ‘Expresso’ comes more easily to some English speakers though it originated out of a misspelling and is prevalent mostly in America. Espresso comes from Italian and means ‘pressed out’ referring to the process of forcing a small amount of hot water under pressure, through fine coffee grounds to product the thick, dark espresso coffee usually served in a smaller demitasse cup.

Espresso is the connoisseur’s choice, with more depth of flavour, a thicker texture and more caffeine than regular brewed coffee. The myth and magic that surrounds coffee has fostered an international artisanal coffee culture, with espresso positioned as an upmarket drink. It is also the base for most other coffee favourites; caffè latte, cappuccino, caffè macchiato, caffè mocha, flat white and caffè Americano. Chino’s own Dark Roast Espresso is formulated from a secret recipe and uses only Premium Arabica beans, to give you a sensual, full Espresso experience. Check out the Chino Store online and come over to the dark side!


Espresso in Style 

Travel Espresso Maker
Chino Travel Espresso Machine Car Set

Espresso has always been associated with the more discerning coffee drinker, for its stronger flavour and thicker texture. Films, art and music have been inspired by the famous ‘Espresso’ and it was associated in the 1950s with an alternative subculture for young people across the world’s bigger cities; New York, London and of course across Europe. Espresso is also now growing in popularity across the Middle East and Asia.

As part of the suave stylish feel that surrounds coffee and espresso, there is also a growing interest in the paraphernalia that comes with it, from the larger coffee shops’ shiny gold lever presses to the more modern black and chrome household espresso makers we see today. With a desire to bring you a unique and holistic coffee experience, Chino has a select range of coffee machines, chosen for style, functionality and with you in mind. You can now enjoy Chino Dark Roast Espresso in your own home or on-the-go, using your very own portable stylish espresso maker or the more professional Travel Espresso maker for longer trips away from home. Take a peek in the Chino Store

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