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Holidays are over
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reusable chino coffee cups back 2 school

Back to Reality – with a Chino

chino freezed dried coffee

With summer holidays coming to an end we are all heading back to our normal routines and whether it be school, university or work its usually a bit of a struggle to get motivated again. To help kick-start your day have a Chino Coffee and you’ll be ready to take on the world!

Although we may dread the thought of routines, they are important because they allow us to be more efficient with our time, introduce good habits and create structure in our lives. This is often linked to healthier, happier living. For coffee lovers the daily ritual of drinking coffee is a ‘happy habit’ that gives you something to look forward to. Throughout the day taking a ‘coffee break’ is a good excuse to have a few moments away from the demands of everyday life.

As with everything, people have diverse preferences when it comes to how they enjoy their coffee. Our deliciously rich Freeze Dried Instant Coffee, made with premium beans, can be enjoyed either hot or cold. Don’t hesitate, try it for yourself! It’s quick and easy to order from our online shop here.

Sustainable Coffee Cups with Style

Chino reusable coffee cup in front of school supplies

Did you know that by choosing to use a reusable coffee cup you help stop deforestation caused by single use coffee cups? With our Reusable Takeway Cups, that come in two different trendy designs (visit our eShop to get yours), you can ensure that you are contributing positively to the environment whilst being both stylish and practical drinking your coffee. What’s more, our reusable cups are double walled to help keep your drinks either hot or cold for longer. So on those busy days, you can enjoy your coffee while on the go.

Just grab one of our reusable cups filled with delicious Chino Instant Coffee and start your day on a positive note….you deserve it!

Routine and Rest

Chino Instant Coffee
Chino Instant Coffee – enjoy it hot or cold for a relaxing moment

While routines can sometimes be boring or tiring, they help us to reduce stress by allowing us to schedule in time for important things. Some people may look forward to the routine more than others, think busy parents! With your kids now off to school or university you can take advantage of the peace and quiet at home; sit back, relax and take some extra time for yourself! Whilst enjoying a freshly made Chino Instant Coffee, you can collect your thoughts and mentally prepare for the hectic afternoon ahead. For working mothers, that deserve some alone time, this can be the perfect opportunity to recharge and re-set for the new day.

Working professionals can also benefit from taking time out from their busy schedules. A short coffee break with a cup of Chino Instant Freeze Dried Coffee will clear your mind and help your day run more smoothly and efficiently!

Let Chino take care of your day! It’s quick and easy to order from our online shop here.

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