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Travel Espresso Machine


Espresso machine set for the car. Gives you the freedom to prepare your favorite coffee from any remote location. Powered by 12v cigarette-lighter plug. Ideal for camping and road trips. Use with Chino Ground Espresso Coffee.

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Travel Espresso Machine

Satisfy your coffee cravings from the comfort of your own car with this Travel Espresso Machine. Powered by your vehicle’s cigarette lighter it offers you a practical solution for making hot coffee whilst on a road trip or camping excursion. You don’t need to wait for the next roadside café to stop for a coffee break, with the neatly organized car coffee set you will have everything close on hand to make a barista-like espresso from any remote location of your choice.

How to prepare your coffee

With our Travel Espresso Maker you can prepare your favorite coffee in your car in less than 5 minutes. Your car must be stationary with the engine running. Prepare the machine by adding water and ground espresso coffee to the funnel. Close the container and make sure the red lock is engaged. Plug in the power cable, press the ON button and wait for the coffee to rise up into the container. A blue flashing light indicates that the coffee is ready. Unplug the machine before pouring.


Product Features

Set includes: bag, machine, power cable, 2 reusable coffee cups, mini coffee container, coffee spoon and cleaning set 


Technical Data

Power supply: 12v cigarette-lighter plug

Power consumption: 140 Watt

Water capacity: 65ml

Step by step instructions for use – click on the link below

Car Espresso Machine Instructions

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