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Strawberry Granita Chino Powder

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Strawberry Granita Chino Powder – 1 kg

Premium quality Strawberry powder, to be mixed with water, for a deliciously refreshing iced drink.

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Strawberry Granita Chino Powder

Strawberry Granita Chino Powder is premium mix for the preparation of our strawberry frozen granita drink. It has a refreshing and unique flavor and aroma that can be consumed by all ages.

Our strawberry flavour was introduced 10 years ago and since its launch has become one of the top sellers. It’s the perfect refreshment to cool you down and relax with during those long hot summer days. Not only great for the kids, adults can also enjoy this ice drink at the bar; just mix it a dash of alcohol to create your favorite cocktails such as Margarita and Daiquiri.

So grab a good book, chill out and enjoy your Chino moment! No matter your age or how you choose to enjoy it, our strawberry Granita slush drink is guarantied to bring a smile on your face!

Why powder? After many years of experimenting we have chosen to produce our beverage products in powder formation to ensure freshness and preserve all its aroma and flavour until being prepared.


Strawberry Granita Chino Powder is easy to prepare and can be ready within just a few minutes.

It can be prepared at your shop or bar using our Granita machine, providing a convenient and fast service when needed.

We also offer our clients the opportunity and convenience to prepare the Granita drink at home using our chino blender; just add water and ice and let the blender do its magic!


We use only natural coloring and real fruit inside (freeze dried) and the rest is our secret recipe.

At chino customer satisfaction is our main goal and we are honored to serve consumers of all ages, children and adults alike.

The product is packed in 1 kg sachets, 10 per box,


Ingredients: Sugar, Dried Strawberry Concentrate (3%), Acidity Regulators- Citric Acid and Ascorbic Acid, Emulsifier E472 a, Stabilizer E412, Carrot and Hibiscus Concentrate, Flavours.

Allergens: This product may contain traces of cereals containing gluten, soya beans, sesame seeds, lupine, egg powder, milk powder.

Our product is produced in the EU under strict quality and health regulations. Certified by the EU Health Dept No: 33.4340















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