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Pralina Flavoured Filter Coffee

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Filter Coffee Pralina Flavour
Medium Roast
Unique flavor, made from a secret recipe.

Out of stock

Out of Stock

Pralina Flavoured Filter Coffee

Pralina Flavoured Filter Coffee is a secret Chino recipe! A medium roast, made from the finest blend of Arabica beans roasted to perfection giving a unique taste and aroma.


Origins of flavoured coffee

Although flavored coffee is considered a modern invention, its origins are nearly as old as the original beverage itself. History shows that a few hundred years ago in the Middle East, people enjoyed drinking coffee blended with nuts and spices.


Tips how to enjoy your coffee

First and most simple tip to help enjoy your coffee is to keep it fresh! Once opened the best way to store your coffee is in a cool dark place in an airtight container…and you’ll be glad to hear that we have that covered here at Chino with our Coffee Storage Jars available in two different sizes.

Caffeine causes an increase in the amount of water expelled from our bodies, which may lead to dehydration. So to enjoy your coffee all day long without feeling dehydrated, it’s important to drink plenty of water.

Although you may feel the need to indulge in one big mug of coffee in the morning, resist! In order to get the best caffeine kick it’s recommended to keep your caffeine consumption to 20-200mg per hour. So, if you want to increase mental alertness and  improve focus, reduce your portions and increase your servings throughout the day!

Finally, if your short of time but still want to enjoy your coffee on the go then our tip is to use our  Portable French Press.


Our product is produced in the EU under strict quality and health regulations. Certified by the EU Health Dept No: 33.4340




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