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Freeze Dried Instant Coffee

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Made with Premium beans, producing an addictive, deliciously rich instant coffee


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Freeze Dried Instant Coffee

Freeze Dried Instant Coffee, made with an exceptional blend of carefully selected coffee beans that have been roasted to perfection.

Superior to regular instant coffee the freeze drying process maintains a higher quality of aroma and flavour. Chino coffee guarantees to satisfy your senses!


Our premium beans, produce an addictive, deliciously rich instant coffee which you can enjoy either hot or cold! In the summer months you can prepare it as an iced coffee or Greek Frappe and in the winter months keep it simple with a hot brew!

It’s quick and easy to prepare, just add hot or cold water! If you’re drinking your Chino coffee on the go then we recommend using one of our practical takeaway cups, available in white and gold.

As well as offering the convenience and speed of preparation, instant coffee also offers the same health benefits as others types of coffee. Coffee is know to contain many healthy antioxidants and nutrients. Moderate daily caffeine intake can help boost your energy levels and improve your concentration throughout the day.


The Benefits of Instant Coffee

Aside from offering everyday convenience without sacrificing on quality or taste, there are numerous benefits to indulging your passion for coffee with a cup of instant.

  • Your Liver

There are numerous studies demonstrating the potential for coffee to help keep our livers healthy, by slowing down the development of a number of common liver issues such as fibrosis, cirrhosis and cancer.

  • Your Brain

From giving your memory a boost to improving concentration, that morning coffee is doing wonders for your brain. The caffeine in your cup provides an excellent boost to the body’s natural dopamine production – a hormone that helps you stay focused for longer throughout the day.

  • Your Body

Coffee is a stimulant that works on more than just your energy levels. It can also promote a faster metabolism, and enable you to feel more energised for your trip to the gym – some say between 5-15% more than you would without that espresso in your system.

  • Your Overall Health and Wellbeing

There are many studies extolling the benefits daily coffee intake holds for our overall health and well being. From lowering the risk of diabetes to increasing serotonin (the happiness hormone), there are plenty of reasons to be grateful for this wonderful drink.


Share to best moments with a great cup of coffee! We hope you’ll enjoy sharing your special moments with Chino!


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