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Christmas Gift Box


Package includes:

  • Instant Freeze Dried Coffee – 200g
  • Espresso Coffee – 250g
  • Classic Filter Coffee – 250g
  • Pralina Flavoured Filter Coffee – 250g
  • Reusable Takeway Cup
  • Chino Doubled Walled Glass Mug – 250ml
  • Chino Doubled Walled Glass Mug – 450ml

Christmas Gift Box

Christmas Gift Box from Chino are a very high quality coffee around these cold days, so it’s hard to really stand out. I bought these as I’m always looking for a convenient cup of great coffee while camping/hiking. Loved the packaging, would make a great gift. As for ease of use and quality of the drink – performs perfectly and for me it’s impossible to find fault, apart from the product probably not being so environmentally friendly, due to the water-proof sleeves, which is of course a growing issue these days. But the coffee was delicious, lovely and smooth, and even at about 200 ml the drink was sufficiently strong. Lovely and lightweight, will be easy to take a few with me when hiking.

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