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Automatic Coffee Machine


Fully automatic ‘bean to cup’ coffee machine. Includes automatic milk frother for use with fresh milk. Recommended for offices and workplaces with more than 15 employees.


Automatic Coffee Machine

Automatic coffee machine, used to make black coffee, milk coffee and flat milk. Capable of producing large quantity of cups daily. Suitable for restaurants, cafes, kiosks, offices and other commercial sites.


This fully automatic coffee machine offers you the opportunity to prepare premium quality coffee in the convenience of your own workplace all day long. With built-in grinders, the Bean 2 Cup machine first grinds and then brews you a barista-quality coffee in the same time it takes to make an instant coffee. Using fresh milk, the automatic milk frothing system produces the satisfying milk foam that you would expect on a cappuccino made from a traditional bar machine.


Simple and easy to use, with a large touch screen display you can swipe through the drinks menu to select your coffee. You can choose from a wide selection of coffee beverages such as Espresso, Americano, Caffe Latte, Cappuccino, and many more. The machine gives you the option to adjust your coffee strength during preparation as well as the option to dispense 2 coffees simultaneously.


Easy to follow instructions on the screen tell you when to refill the machine with water and coffee beans.  The automatic cleaning programs make it low maintenance for busy offices and workplaces.


The stylish and compact design means that the machine can be conveniently placed on your kitchen work top, table top or even in your meeting room. So now you can impress you visitors without running to the coffee shop or waiting for coffee delivery.  Your Chino freshly ground and brewed coffee will be ready in just a few seconds!


Use with Chino 100% Arabica Espresso Coffee Beans.


Key Features

Built-in coffee grinder

Ceramic blades ensure unified size powder bringing out the unique flavor of the coffee

Power saving mode

Adjustable coffee strength

Pre-infusion for full extraction of flavour from coffee

Adjustable height coffee outlet – choose you cup size

Option to dispense 2 coffees simultaneously

Touch screen

Auto cleaning program

Removable milk frothing system for easy cleaning

Removable tray and waste bin


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