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‘Kopi Luwak’ – The World’s Most Expensive Coffee
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Kopi Luwak – World’s Most Expensive Coffee.

Would you ever honestly believe that the world’s most expensive coffee actually comes from the feces of a real life animal? No! Neither would we here at Chino! Kopi Luwak, an Indonesian coffee extracted from the waste of the Civet Cat is classed as the most highly priced caffeine booster within today’s planet, fetching up to a whopping 600 dollars for a pound! WOWZER.

That averages to roughly 35 dollars for a cup of Kopi Luwak coffee, even a hundred depending on where you’re ordering it! We have no idea what on earth else is in there, but let’s find out!

What Exactly is Kopi Luwak and How is it Made?

As this does seem a little hard to believe, let’s start from the top! Coffea, a coffee tree originating in Asia which was later imported is where the beans are extracted from. As these coffee beans are actually a defence mechanism against animals, the only animal that loves a good munch is the Civet Cat! Now once the Civet consumes the beans, strangely enough a unique form of fermentation takes place within the Civet’s digestive system, giving it a very unique flavour when it flies out the other end! However, they only eat the ripest of the coffee beans…talk about expensive taste!

The Smelly Bit:

Roughly 24 hours after consumption, the Civet then excretes the beans. Now these beans in Indonesia are considered as gold dust and a key opportunity to make some money! The farmers then collect the beans, give them a good wash,  dry them and then pound for grounding…finished off with a good old roasting! So in fact the process is actually quite easy, you just have to be alert enough to find the Civet’s waste before anyone else does!

And Serve:

You can use Kopi Luwak in any coffee really, but please whatever you do…do NOT use milk or sugar! You’ll just drown out the real flavour and to have a cup of coffee that’s been eaten by a wild cat, pooed out and then roasted…the last thing you want to do is ruin the flavour. We recommend you all do some research in your spare time regarding Kopi Luwak as this extremely expensive coffee could even be extremely worth it!


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