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Instant Coffee
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Instant Coffee

Long gone are the days when the phrase ‘Freeze Dried Instant Coffee’ needed to be scoffed at if you wished to be considered a true coffee aficionado. By fine-tuning our roasting and freeze-drying processes, we have found that that intangible quality that makes freshly brewed coffee so irresistible can be preserved within instant coffee, and that cutting time needn’t sacrifice on aroma or flavour.

What’s more, not only does the freeze-drying process preserve the rich, complex tastes of our Arabica beans, but it also retains the numerous health benefits contained within the cherry of the coffea plant itself.

Chino Instant Coffee is perfect for anyone who leads a busy life, but who refuses to let that interrupt those precious breaks over a hot (or cold) brew. Incredibly versatile, this coffee can be put to use in Greek Frappes and hot, black Americanos alike.

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