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Ice Drinks
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Chino Ice Drinks

The same artistry that we pour into our coffee line has been put to use in creating our range of ice drinks – the perfect complement to a long break in the shade during the height of summer.


Our Ice Drinks

When it came to creating our Granita powder, we drew inspiration from the confectioners of Catania and Messina – the stone-cooled shade at the edges of the Piazza Pretoria in Palermo, and the bright beaches of Taormina along the sparkling Ionian Sea.

Indeed, it was during Sicily’s scorching summers when the world’s love of granita first took root, though time has transformed this palate-cleansing dessert into a refreshing and versatile drink revered as the perfect antidote to oppressive summer days. While it may once have been enjoyed during a long, relaxing retreat from the midday sun, our powders offer a quick and convenient way to emulate that same sense of revitalisation on the go.

Whether you find yourself unable to resist the sweet taste of mango, strawberry, passion fruit or coconut, drawn to the sharpness of chokeberry and lemon, or valuing the richer, creamier notes of our chocolate or our signature Arabica coffee, there is a flavour to suit every palate.


How Do You Make Granita?

Our powders are designed to ensure that, whether you are creating a single Granita at home or hundreds of servings a day for your customers, every drink carries the same bold, invigorating flavours as the last. For the best possible results, our powder need only be mixed with ice and water (and a dash of milk for a more indulgent drink) and mixed in one of our Chino Blenders for perfectly refreshing results.

Alternatively, our range of Granita Machines are designed to ensure superior and consistent results for café, bar and restaurants across the world.

Does Granita Have Alcohol?

Traditionally, Granita contains no alcohol – and neither do our Granita powders, which is why our ice drinks have been enjoyed by customers of all ages and appetites for more than a decade.

Our fruitier flavours can, however, be combined with different spirits to create the perfect ice cold cocktail for your parties and gatherings. Adding a splash of rum into the blender along with our Strawberry Granita, for instance, will make for a refreshing pitcher of strawberry daiquiri for you and your guests.

Why is Granita Powder Better Than Syrup?

Following a great deal of experimentation (and, of course, taste testing), the team here at Chino decided that a line of Granita Powders, which need only be mixed with ice, water and milk, would be far better than concentrated syrup.

Chino ice drinks are beloved around the world, and not only does transporting bottles of syrup sound like a risky endeavour, but syrup is far more sensitive to changes in temperature – which meant that we couldn’t ensure the high standard to which we hold all our products.

Whether you need a five minute cool-down during a scorching noon, or to be transported to the white sand beaches of the Mediterranean, our ice drink range has been crafted to create the perfect, restorative moment’s peace wherever you are.

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