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Food Donations at an All Time Low – You Can Help Us!
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Did you know that food donations this year have hit an all record low? If you take a step back and think about what we’ve just said, it’s a pretty crazy statement! According to local news resources, food bank donations are down by at least 35% this year! Here at Chino, we believe in making the change that we all want to see, to keep those traditions that we have always stuck by and of course, helping those that need it during the toughest of times. By purchasing a jar of Chino Freeze Dried Instant Coffee, we will donate 2 euros to the Larnaca food bank for every jar that you purchase!

So how does it work exactly? Let us explain! For example if you purchase 3 jars of Chino Instant Freeze Dried, we will donate 6 euros to the Larnaca Food Bank! If you get yourself down to the supermarket, you’ll fully understand how much 6 euros in pasta, bulgur wheat or flour can help inside a single household. This is something that we are extremely passionate about, helping those that require it. By treating yourself to a jar of premium Chino Instant Coffee, you’ll also be helping out a family that need food in their household.

Purchase your jar of Chino Instant Freeze Dried today and make a struggling household a much warmer, happier and an easier environment!


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