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Delicious Cold Nutella Chino Coffee
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Honestly don’t be surprised if this chocolate spin off of a typical iced coffee becomes your numero 1 beloved beverage of 2020. All you need is the below ingredients and a blender…job done guys! Not dilly dallying, just 4-5 things to make this absolutely delicious beverage right in the comfort of your own home! P.S. Also don’t forget to make coffee ice cubes—they make this cool caffeine hit all the more delicious. To make them, simply freeze lightly sweetened coffee (you can use leftovers from your morning pot) in ice cube trays overnight.

How to Make It

Stir the water and coffee concentrate together and then combine coffee and hazelnut-chocolate spread in a blender. Once it becomes super smooth simply take your finger off the button and pour the coffee mixture over your homemade chino coffee ice cubes. Use a tall glass for that extra posh effect! Top it up half and half and there you have it….Cold Nutella Chino Coffee!

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