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COVID Coffee Crisis? Make It At Home.
Chino Product / Blog / COVID Coffee Crisis? Make It At Home.

Stay Home – Stay Safe:

Here at Chino we kind of have already prepared ourselves for situations like this, not exactly intentionally of course but you get the point. It wasn’t us that released some weird virus into the atmosphere, but what we did do was see into the future. We are massive believers of making your own coffee within the comfort of your own home, which is exactly what everyone should be doing this precise minute, if not for the next month or so! Now coffee shops are full of germs, hands touching everything and greasy mitts wiping on the chairs we sit on…it’s more easy to catch something there than an actual hospital!

Make Serious Coffee From Your Kitchen!

By creating quality coffee at the tip of your fingers, a safer and cleaner option is to install yourselves a coffee machine at home. With a press of a button you can make a steamy Cappuccino (yes the ones that are on the adverts), a nice hot Mocha, a creamy Latte or even a strong Espresso for the person craving something a bit stronger. By purchasing quality coffee beans and a well working machine you can genuinely make magic in your own kitchen, knowing that your space is 110% germ free! (If you’re clean of course).

It’s Better – Easier – Cheaper!

Now as we are facing a kind of crisis or pandemic (whatever you call it), the majority are locked at home in front of Netflix or Sky Movies. If the machine is perched in your kitchen, all you really have to do is press the button to get yourself a real hot frothy Cappuccino (sorry if that sounded a bit sexual, it wasn’t intended). This is what it’s all about! You are saved the hassle of going to a coffee shop in this current situation, you’re guaranteed no outsider germs and most importantly, it’s over 50% cheaper! Check out to see which solutions we offer, trust us…it’s the option of 2020!



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