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Chino Machines

Chino’s range of coffee machines are designed to offer the perfect complement to Chino coffee, and to ensure premium results for you, your employees, and your customers every time.

From slow Sunday mornings that begin over a freshly brewed Americano to the brisk, espresso-sized breaks between calls in your home office – not to mention the 15-guest digestifs following dessert –  Chino’s range of automatic machines are designed to fit perfectly into your daily routine at home, and always live up to the high standard that has long since defined Chino Coffee.

Our Espresso capsule machine makes for the perfect addition to your remote-working routine, while the Chino automatic machines are ready to handle any coffee order you or your guests may have – with plenty of room for top-ups.

When it comes to your business, our Automatic Coffee Machine is perfectly equipped to meet big, continuous orders with consistency and quality, and to capture that unique essence that customers value so highly in Chino.

Finally, for when only a pocket-sized coffee will do, our portable machines offer the perfect complement to any long commute, trek, camping trip or journey.


What Does Bean to Cup Mean?

Behind every cup of coffee, from an ice cold Arabica frappe enjoyed along the Mediterranean coastline, to the darkest, bitterest espresso sipped under the awning of a Sicilian bar, lies a history that spans hundreds of years, and thousands of miles.

The coffee we drink originates from seeds, found within cherries of the coffee plant. These are more typically known as beans, which must be fermented, dried, roasted and ground – among other things – before they can be poured into our cups.

Of course, the final part of this journey lies in the brewing, and this is what our Chino Machines are designed to do, in order to complete that journey and serve you the highest quality coffee imaginable.

Why Use Chino Machines?

Every Arabica bean we produce is part of a rich, long history at Chino – one filled with trial and error, experimentation, and unwaveringly high standards for the final product.

In essence, we know our coffee – and we know how to get the very most out of the distinctive flavour that can only be achieved through the unique processes that go into every serving of Chino Coffee.

As a result, Chino Machines are the only machines we trust to obtain the consistent, premium results that are so highly valued by customers across the globe. They represent the final step in the journey from bean to cup, and will ensure perfect coffee for your home, office, or business.

How Do I Choose the Right Coffee Maker?

For any coffee lover, whether you are buying for yourself or your business, the most important factor to consider is quality. Coffee machines come in all shapes and sizes, but the only ones you can be sure of are those that have been created out of a passion for coffee, and the journey it makes from bean to cup.

Also consider what ‘convenience’ means for you. If you want a machine for your home or office, then convenience means finding a machine purpose build for brewing premium, mid-size batches of coffee each day for you, your employees or your guests. If you simply need a way of ensuring a quick and punchy pick-me-up in the middle of your weekend hike, then a portable espresso maker is all you will need in your rucksack.

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