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Coffee & Liver – The Best of Friends.
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Who would of thought coffee and liver could be the best of friends? Literally nobody…Not even Ricky Gervais. Now a few months ago scientists and researchers struck a whole lot of gold in our livers, no this is not a metaphor of coffee spewing out of our livers in the place of oil. Believe it or not, coffee actually helps unhealthy livers get healthy again…who would have thought?!

How can Coffee help Mr. Liver?

Now this doesn’t mean you can drink as much booze as you like and magically cure your liver with cups of coffee because yeah, you really won’t last too long. Everything must be done in moderation as being a regular coffee drinker does actually improve your insides! Moving onto the geeky side of things, paraxanthine which is one of coffee’s metabolites actually slows down connective tissue growth. This has proved to slow down the development of liver fibrosis, alcoholic cirrhosis, and liver cancer…absolutely fantastic!

For those who haven’t got a clue what we’ve just said, certain substances in coffee are key in slowing down all forms of liver problems. So if you’ve been harsh on your liver this Christmas, a couple of cups of Chino coffee a day is just exactly what you need! Don’t be over doing it now because as we said, everything in moderation and this is not a get out clause for all the alcoholics out there.

Liver disease is one of the biggest silent killers within the Western world, yet coffee is also a massive culture in our day to day environment. By linking one lifestyle with the other, we could possibly even the weighing scales. Being constantly surrounded by alcohol and fatty foods has allowed our livers to fall into chronic depression, but who says we can’t run to it’s rescue by drinking coffee? This proven fact is stillΒ  unknown by many as just a cup or two a day controversially has its health benefits! #ChinoCoffeeCyprus.


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