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Coffee Beans
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Coffee Beans

Every cup of coffee begins with a handful of dark roasted beans. And, while the length of the journey from bean to cup may differ for everyone, some drinkers prefer to take charge at that pivotal moment when ancient techniques give way to artistry, and to grind and brew their own beans from home.

The Arabica bean, a benchmark for quality coffee around the world, lends itself to the ritual of creating your own brew from home or the office, and, with one of our own machines made for Chino’s signature bean, will always capture that signature taste that first gave Chino a name in the world of coffee.

Chino Espresso Coffee Beans are sourced from sustainable plantations, and are ideal for any coffee devotees who enjoy the ritual of the recreational brew. It is also the perfect coffee for the office, and our coffee machines ensure a consistent, strong cup for everyone.

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