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Chino’s Top Tips For Staying Indoors.
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Right everybody, we know this quarantine/isolation business can become very tedious indeed! Whether COVID-19 is going to be here for another month, two months or even the next year or so, there’s so many ways to get you constantly active whilst being banged up indoors! For those who are ‘currently’ negative to COVID-19, being in a current state of lockdown doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be inside 24/7, but there is ways to make this into a quite tranquil and semi-enjoyable experience!

We have put together some top tips and activities that help both creation & stimulation whilst going through this ‘current global state.

  1. Cooking – Be creative, try new recipes and attempt something that you can nibble at throughout the week!
  2. Home Working – We know working from home can be less productive, but it still keeps you in touch with your day to day routine
  3. Paint/Home DIY – This is a great chance to fix them nook & crannies that you’re simply too busy to fix within the working week. Use this as a great time to embrace your house, fixing it’s imperfections.
  4. Go For a Walk/Fresh Air – Being in Lockdown doesn’t mean you cannot go outside and get some lovely fresh air! It’s the best part of the day, make yourself a nice coffee and sit outside…open your airwaves and even go for a 30 minute walk to keep your metabolism in top shape!
  5. Read a good book – Don’t tune into the TV too much, it’s potent and could send you into a spiraling world of depression. Read a good novel and keep your imagination alive.
  6. Stay Hydrated – Drink as much water as possible to keep your immune system alive and well.
  7. Play Video Games – This is a teenager’s dream! You’re free to play as much video games as you like! But not too long to avoid migraines and fatigue.
  8. Wash your hands regularly – After every activity, make sure you thoroughly wash your hands before touching things inside your house. COVID-19 feeds of germs touching the face, eyes and mouth. Make sure you kill all germs to avoid at all costs.

We believe if you keep the following steps up daily, you could even prefer this than your current day to day routine! Make sure you don’t read too much on what you see on Social Media, keep your head on your shoulders and just crack on as usual…use this as a time to tie up loose ends that you’ve been waiting to finish, use it to your advantage!

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