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Chino Filter Coffee – Coffee at its Finest
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Chino finest filter coffee cyprus

The world of Chino has always been an exciting one, but did you know that in addition to our classic Chino iced-drinks, we also produce a range of premium coffees? Chino Filter Coffee comes in two delicious flavours, both bursting with aroma and the taste of the finest quality Arabica beans. Calling all coffee connoisseurs – your love affair begins now!

Chino Filter Coffee – Be your own Barista!

chino filter coffee yellow mugFor coffee lovers, there’s just no compromising when it comes to great quality coffee and sometimes you just don’t want to travel to get a decent cup of coffee. Imagine yourself enjoying an excellent, premium quality coffee that you’ve brewed yourself, in your own home, at the office, in the car or otherwise on-the-go. Try our Chino Filter Coffee, a smooth, medium roast coffee that brings you an exclusive blend of Arabica beans straight from exotic coffee plantations to your coffee cup. Chino Filter Coffee is made from premium coffee beans and roasted to bring you our unique Chino Filter Coffee flavour. And for those days when you crave something special try Chino Filter Coffee with Pralina flavour (a favourite in our office!) Treat yourself to this delicious coffee shot through with flavours of caramel and nuts. It’s made from a secret recipe that infuses fine quality Arabica beans with a jazzy hint of sweet and salty praline.

Chino Filter Coffee – In Style

chino filter coffee double walled glassesChino has always been at the heart of the trendsetter lifestyle in Cyprus and Chino Filter Coffee is no different. With one finger on the pulse of ‘What’s Hot’ and ‘What’s Not’, the Chino Team have selected a range of stylish and practical accessories so that you can enjoy your Chino Filter Coffee anywhere and look good doing it! Our chic double walled, balloon shaped glasses in 250ml and 450ml sizes are perfect for hot or cold coffees.

Whether you prefer cappuccino or latte, freddo espresso or frappe – these chic glasses keep your drink at the right temperature and when you’re done just pop it in the dishwasher.

Chino Filter Coffee – The Excellent Brew

Chino finest Filter Coffee BeansThe Chino Team in Cyprus have sourced the best Arabica beans from carefully selected growers around the world to bring you this premium Chino Filter Coffee. We use only the finest beans, picked and roasted by experts following strict hygiene and quality controls and we are committed to bringing you excellent coffee but only from sustainable and responsible coffee plantations.

Environmental and social values are incorporated into our core strategy ensuring we are mindful of sustainability in everything we do and we are also very proud to be able to give something back to our community with the Chino Human Bean project. Watch this space!

Get online and buy Chino Filter Coffee and Chino Filter coffee – Pralina Flavour in a few easy steps by visiting the Chino Store. And don’t miss this chance to get your hands on our super snazzy double walled glasses in 250ml and 450ml sizes.

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