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Chino Coffee Machine or Takeaway Coffee?
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Here at Chino we think it’s time for you to start looking after your precious pocket! Did you know it costs roughly 6-7 times more to purchase a takeaway coffee than make it in the comfort of your own office or premises? That’s one super startling stat to kick-start your Wednesday! Talk about slow death! When you think about it, there’s always the odd moment during the week when you sit down and think, should I really spend 2-2.50 euros on a cup of coffee that’s going to be guzzled down in the space of 15 minutes? Let’s not forget it’ll cost you at least 5 euros for a top up just an hour later! Of course the concept is different on a weekend with friends, but on a daily basis….it can get VERY expensive for the average person.

Chino's State of the Art Coffee Machine is available for those who qualify our criteria.

Here at Chino, our perfectly designed Chino Coffee Machine at a zero percent monthly rate will save you and all of your staff an absolute bomb per month! Take advantage of any Chino coffee you like. Whether it’s a Latte, a Freddo Cappucino, a standard Cappucino or even an Americano. Our Chino state of the art Coffee Machine can satisfy you throughout the whole day without even thinking of putting your hand in your pocket! We offer 24 hour maintenance all over the island! Talk about value for money!

For more information, drop us an email at…only exclusively at Chino Coffee Cyprus!

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