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Chino coffee offers you a full selection of premium roast and ground coffee,
100% Arabica espresso beans and instant freeze dried coffee.
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Instant Coffee

Long gone are the days when the phrase ‘Freeze Dried Instant Coffee’ needed to be scoffed at if you wished to be considered a true coffee aficionado. By fine-tuning our roasting and freeze-drying processes, we have found that that intangible quality that makes freshly brewed coffee so irresistible can be preserved within instant coffee, and that cutting time needn’t sacrifice on aroma or flavour.

What’s more, not only does the freeze-drying process preserve the rich, complex tastes of our Arabica beans, but it also retains the numerous health benefits contained within the cherry of the coffea plant itself.

Chino Instant Coffee is perfect for anyone who leads a busy life, but who refuses to let that interrupt those precious breaks over a hot (or cold) brew. Incredibly versatile, this coffee can be put to use in Greek Frappes and hot, black Americanos alike.

Coffee Beans

Every cup of coffee begins with a handful of dark roasted beans. And, while the length of the journey from bean to cup may differ for everyone, some drinkers prefer to take charge at that pivotal moment when ancient techniques give way to artistry, and to grind and brew their own beans from home.

The Arabica bean, a benchmark for quality coffee around the world, lends itself to the ritual of creating your own brew from home or the office, and, with one of our own machines made for Chino’s signature bean, will always capture that signature taste that first gave Chino a name in the world of coffee.

Chino Espresso Coffee Beans are sourced from sustainable plantations, and are ideal for any coffee devotees who enjoy the ritual of the recreational brew. It is also the perfect coffee for the office, and our coffee machines ensure a consistent, strong cup for everyone.

Filter Coffee

For many, a crucial part of the age-old ritual surrounding the morning and afternoon coffee lies in the process of brewing, waiting, pouring and savouring the rich, robust aroma. Filter coffee offers the perfect opportunity to take time over the final step of a journey that extends from our sustainable plantations to your cup, whether you choose pour-over, French press, or drip.

Chino Filter Coffee makes the perfect choice for any coffee lover who has a few minutes to spare for crafting a complex, rich brew that captures the very essence of our exotic plantations.


What Are Arabica Beans?

Arabica beans, or the coffee of Arabia, stand in contrast to the Robusta bean.

Arabica beans are widely considered to be a higher quality, better tasting bean, which means that coffee products that feature Arabica are revered by aficionados and connoisseurs around the world. Robusta is a little easier to produce, which generally makes it the cheaper option, but many coffee lovers are left dissatisfied by the taste.

Why Are Arabica Beans Better?

There are many differences between the Arabica and the Robusta, and no one thing makes Arabica objectively better. It is, however, the preferred bean for many around the world. For one, Arabica beans naturally contain a smaller amount of caffeine – a fact which enables the complex flavours housed in every bean to work alongside the bitter notes of caffeine, without being overwhelmed.

What is the Best Coffee for Iced Coffee?

Preserving the intense, rich flavours of a good cup of coffee in cold water and ice is not always easy, and plenty have been left disappointed by elusive flavour and watery consistencies in the past. The truth is, iced coffee is as much an art as a hot brew, and only a rich, bold coffee will do.

Our freeze-dried instant coffee is perfect for making hot or cold drinks, as its strong flavours carry through even in cold water.

Alternatively, for something that transports you straight to the cobbled streets of Sicily, try our Granita Coffee Powder Frappe Chino for a perfect frappe any day of the year.

What is the Difference Between Instant Coffee and Filter Coffee?

While the early processes for instant and filter coffee remain the same, instant requires a few more steps before it is ready to make its way into your cupboard.

Filter coffee has been roasted and ground prior to packaging; to prepare, you will need a French press or filter to prevent grounds from getting into your cup. The process is a little slower than preparing instant coffee which, as the name suggests, requires only boiling water for the coffee to dissolve and create a perfect, rich cup of coffee.

Our advanced freeze-drying process locks in the flavour that, for many other coffee-makers, is muted in instant, which means that, whether you spend ten minutes or ten seconds over your brew, the unique Chino flavours are still there.

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