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Brazilian Cerrado Coffee Beans – The Bean of Immortality
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The Cerrado Brazilian Coffee Bean

Once upon a time in the land of Assurini du Xingu, the birth place of one of Brazil’s most infamous Amazonian tribes, sat a colossal 24 meter Coffee tree that was known to bring life to those who drank from it. The Cerrado da Caffeino tree had a stalk that thick you could even live inside it’s bark, enchanted with oversized Boa Constrictors and Capybaras that descend from the Dinosaur Era over 4000 years ago.

The tree never stopped growing according to the tribe of Assurini du Xingu, and the beans it produced were said to give those who drank from it an extra 12 years of eternal life. Legends say the people of Assurini do Xingu are immortal, with thick black hair and fresh clean skin, living a lifespan of over 136 years.

The tribe named the bean the ‘Cerrado’ bean. It’s smooth nutty flavour left a touch of caramel lurking inside the mouths of those who drank from it. The Capybaras and Boa Constrictors are said to have gained mighty sizes by consuming the Cerrado beans, and those who are to drink it’s juice will a life of immortality!

The good news? You can find the Cerrado coffee beans on the link below! Available in both 250g and 1K bags.

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