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Chino Product / Accessories
  • 2 Instant Coffee & Free Large storage container
  • Refillable Coffee Capsules
  • Glass Coffee Mug
  • Glass Cappuccino Mug
  • Coffee Storage Jar – 1400ml
  • Coffee Storage Jar – 400ml
  • Espresso Glass
  • Chino Blender
  • Chino Cups – 35 cl
  • Chino Cups – 50 cl
  • Chino Cups – 30 cl
  • Plastic Lids for Chino Cups
  • Plastic Lids for Chino Cups
  • Beach Tent Sunshade Green
  • Beach Tent Sunshade Turquoise
  • Inflatable Beach Bed
  • Ladies T-Shirt
  • Mens T-Shirt
  • Chino Paper Napkins
  • Paper cup 4oz
  • Paper cup 8oz
  • Paper cup 10oz
  • Plastic Lid 4oz
  • Plastic Lid 8oz
  • Plastic Lid 10oz
  • White Sugar Sticks
  • Brown Sugar Sticks
  • Wooden Counter Stand
  • Wooden Stirrers
  • Milk Rinse Solution

Our Accessories

It was shortly after we introduced Cyprus to Chino that we began to turn our sights on developing a range of products tailored to achieving the unparalleled taste of our coffee. Brewing the perfect cup is, after all, an art in and of itself, and any artist needs the proper tools to perfect their medium.

For centuries, and across the globe, the ritual has proven to be as important as that first sip, which is why we have developed an entire at-home range of coffee solutions offering anything you could possibly need to create the perfect coffee routine at home. In this way, we can overlook the process from anywhere in the world.

From reusable takeaway cups and our signature glass coffee mugs to automatic coffee machines and portable espresso makers, everything has been carefully developed – and given the Chino stamp of approval – for achieving top quality from home.

For cafes or coffee for the office, our Granita and Coffee Machines promise to deliver our unique flavour in every cup, and our range of accessories includes everything needed to create the perfect drink-in or -out experience for your customers.

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