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The Chino Story: From Bean to Cup

In many ways, our story stems back as far as the 15th century, when the first accounts of the care and expertise that went into the roasting and brewing coffee beans were created. Since then, the sweet, warm aroma of coffee has been drifting across miles and millennia, until it first piqued the interest of the founder of Chino and inspired him to master his own craft with this magical brew.

His idea was simple – and, of course, dreamed up over the rich steam of a cup of coffee: to create a coffee that captures those indescribable qualities we enjoy in the most luxurious brews, but which is appropriate for everyday life. In essence, to develop his own craft from bean to cup, inspired by both its immense history and the ways in which we enjoy coffee today.

The road to Chino’s Coffee was not always straightforward. Plenty of trial and error was needed before we hit upon the distinctive, luxurious flavour now echoed in every cappuccino, espresso, and instant coffee brewed across the world – morning, noon, and night.

Involving ourselves in every step of the process made sure that we could promise our loyal customers consistency, and that same unique taste in every order. And, as more and more people tasted Chino’s Coffee, we began to grow our line, and to create our own range of accessories and machines to ensure that the highest quality coffee is always within reach.


Our Coffee

The beating heart of Chino’s coffee is our shared passion for the drink – that, and the unique, secret recipe that our team has guarded closely for more than a decade.

Our inspiration stems from our love of coffee, and from our travels across the globe – from Cyprus, where we first unveiled our iced coffee back in 2001.

Our advanced freeze-drying technology creates the same unparalleled taste in every cup of our Freeze Dried Instant Coffee, carefully preserving more of the aromas and flavours we prize.

Our Granita Coffee Powder Frappe Chino evokes memories of those peaceful, midday strolls along the Mediterranean coastline; cold, creamy, and easily prepared at home, it is the true star of our extensive range of ice drinks.

Whether you are looking for a quick fix of an indulgent brew, our range of coffee includes Dark Roast Espresso Coffee, Classic Filter Coffee and Pralina flavoured Filter Coffee – all of which are created to the high standard that has defined Chino for more than a decade.

Businesses and coffee lovers alike can purchase from our full range of coffee online.

At Chino our unique story shines through in every cup – one defined by the complex history of coffee and our mission to enable anyone to achieve an unrivaled flavour everyday.

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